Monday, August 29, 2005

Very Busy...

Yes Im alive and yes I lied...a couple days over two weeks. Oh well.

Anyways, things have been very busy lately. Work is getting more and more hectic and I have many things on my plate over the next month. Imaging, setup, spec writing, clean up, and much more. Not going to go into the details since it all should be left at work.

Sher's birthday has come and gone, along with our anniversary. Her party went well and suprisingly there was not much food leftover, just a lot of cake. Three more people were officialy inducted into the circle game and a bunch more now know the rules(kind of funny how fast it can spread liking "yipping").

Han Wei is all setup in RIT already. We got him moved in and Sher took him around to pick up anything else he was missing. He got placed into a double room with triple occupancy on one of the top floors of Ellinson. Should be ok, have to make it a point to head up to RIT more when I get the time to hang out.

Im beginning to realize how short my thoughts have become. Let me explain..."this happened, then this is going to happen, do it go". I feel I have lost enthusiasm lately, especially for the simple things in life. No more deep thoughts, no more verbose descriptions(even if only in my head)...just blah and not the good blah. Occassionally I get brief moments of elation whether its with Sherene, Sharon, and Michele or Weez and everybody, but it seems not enough to improve my overall mood. Not sure if its "End-of-Projectitis" or the cynicism coming from truly makes no difference, I just want to be out of this "funk" I feel.

"The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time." So I shall take it slow and just work at it...till next time.


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